In order to live a life that fulfills you without living above your means, you need to identify what you spend your money on, have a plan for your money, create spending and savings goals and develop and implement a plan for debt reduction and prevention.


Certified Financial Recovery Counselor & Money Coach


Money coaching is a process in which individuals who are struggling to get a hold of their money, can finally feel in control with their money by identifying spending habits, creating a plan for spending which includes savings and tackling debt and creating positive money habits so that they can feel less stressed and frustrated with their money and begin to feel confident in managing their money, making financial decisions and ultimately creating freedom through financial security.

Jessica’s guidance has taken away the stress of managing our money. Before implementing her system, we were just flying by the seat of our pants. Now, she has empowered us to make financial decisions with confidence. It’s obvious Jessica cares about our success and we feel lucky to have found her!”

David, Media Planner

“My husband and I participated in the money coaching together and it became evident that Jessica could bring clarity and peace and she helped us move forward through this money process.  The thought of doing a “budget” always halted our money conversations at home, but working with Jessica opened up new ways of understanding money that doesn’t feel like a budget.  It was a POWERFUL experience.”

Michele, Massage Therapist

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