Feeling broke all the time does not have to be the norm.

It’s frustrating to work hard and make money, but feel like you are getting nowhere no matter how much you make. You’re able to pay your bills, but then what? There’s nothing left for savings or fun!  

It seems that your paycheck is spent before you even get it.  You go through your expenses and try to cut out certain things, but you have to eat and you actually enjoy treating yourself every once in a while.  When you cut things out you enjoy, you feel deprived and end up resenting the fact that you have to cut back. Maybe that sadness and deprivation turns into “retail therapy”, throwing it all on a credit card (again).  Or maybe you just don’t pay attention at all.

You so badly want to be able to spend without feeling shame, guilt or anger or wondering if you actually have enough  money to spend or will you be overdrafting on your checking account by the end of the month.  Hey, if you don’t look at it, everything’s just fine, right?

At this point it may all be a  jumbled mess to the point that you feel lost.
You’re resigned to the fact that money is “just not your thing”.  

And what if  something comes up that you were not expecting like a car repair or you do something impulsive like a weekend getaway? Do you hit the credit card and worry about it when the bill comes in?  Or maybe you avoid the bill altogether.

What about when you do have a little extra money left over or you get an unexpected bonus or gift? Where should it go?  You have so many competing priorities, you don’t know where those extra funds should go.   At this point, you would love some guidance on how to to figure out what you have and what you can spend, save and use to pay down debt.    

I was tired of feeling deprived when I knew that I had the means to feel better.

I too was tired of feeling deprived when I knew that I had the means to feel better and there had to be a better way.

A little background – I have always been the money manager for our family – a role that I volunteered for when my husband and I got married.  

For years, I was frustrated that we just couldn’t seem to get ahead of our money and baffled because my husband and I both brought in good salaries which should have easily paid for our needs and wants.  However month after month, I found myself stressed and feeling deprived of what (I thought) we really wanted.  When an unexpected expense came up, for fear of using money we needed for our monthly expenses, I just put it on the credit card.  If I was at the store, and got the urge to buy something, but didn’t know if I could still cover monthly expenses, I put it on the credit card. Mind you, I wouldn’t consider myself a overspender and some would even say I was frugal. But over time, the credit card balances crept up.  There were times where I or my husband would get a bonus or large commission and we would use it to pay down the cards vowing, going forward, to only spend what we could repay each month. But that never lasted long and we were back to where we were before.  In order to get back on track, I was saying no to a lot of things (for my kids and especially for me) because I simply did not have a handle on what we had and what we could spend.  

There had to be a better way to feel good about the money we had and how we were using it.  

I set out to learn everything I could about the best ways to “budget” and cut expenses. I read book after book on personal finances and positive money habits and used various money tracking tools. I actually enjoyed the money topic.  Not so much in an investment, stock market kind of way, but in a practical every day habit way knowing that awareness around money and certain behaviors are the keys to success.  However, the actions we were taking left us feeling like we were being restricted and unable to enjoy life.  In the long term, we knew it would never work and we were soon back to our directionless ways! Then I discovered a solution that  gave us the permission and the freedom we wanted to spend our money not only how we NEEDED to spend it but also how we WANTED to spend it.  

I hired a money coach and finally found the guidance we needed.

Working through my relationship with money, on a practical and emotional level, with the help of my money coach transformed the way I viewed money and I saw progress I had never seen before.

I knew I was on the right track when I discovered HOW I was depriving myself.  It occurred to me that I had not purchased a bathing suit in years and didn’t feel great in any of the suits I had.  Once I learned how to get clear with my money, I created the space I needed to give myself permission to buy a bathing suit I felt great in! I can’t tell you how it felt to walk into the store, with a plan and walkout with a great suit.


I knew I could not be the only one living in this state of deprivation and denial so I set out to help others find their way with their money.  In 2010, I started to work with individuals on their money.  I loved the work so much that I wanted to become a money coach myself and through the Financial Recovery Institute completed an intensive financial counselor training program under Karen McCall and becoming a Certified Financial Recovery Counselor.  From there, “The Money Chic” was formed in 2015. I found my calling working with individuals and couples to help them get clear with their money, so they could feel really good about their income, spending and saving.  It pains me to think that people are drowning in debt and not able to save money because they simply don’t know where their money is going.

Over the last 20 years, I have built a successful career specializing in programs to help individuals meet their savings goals in order to get retirement ready.  What I discovered is that while people know that it is important to save for the future, it’s hard to do when they have money struggles in the present.  The foundation in the present must be laid out before feeling good about saving for the future.  That’s where a money coach can help.

This is why I am a money coach.  Because I have a deep passion to help people find their way with money in a way that they feel good about, where they are in control of their money.  Once I got clear on my money, the stress lowered and I began to say “yes” more often and enjoy my choices because I gained the awareness I needed to get really clear with money.  I have created a healthy financial life for me and my family and now do the same for others.

How to Get Started

It’s time to stop stressing and to start saying yes and feeling good about your money! Let’s chat about how we can get you out of the money fog and into clear skies.  You can contact me here to schedule a consultation and see if money coaching is right for you.