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Jessica has an amazing way at keeping calm during the stressful times of a conversation.  My husband and I participated in the money coaching together and it became evident when patience was wearing thin on our end that she could bring clarity and peace and she helped us move forward through this money process.   While working with Jessica, for the first time ever in our lives, we could actually answer the questions, “Should we be buying this item this month? Did we spend too much on groceries or are we actually spending what we wanted to spend and can relax about the topic? “  I’ve never really known how much we spent on any given category, for the last 20 years everything just always “worked out” financially.   Neither of us were big spenders so we never worried too much.  But our kids are getting older and expenses are growing so our “do the right thing in life and the money will follow method “ proved to no longer be serving us well.   Once we saw where we were really spending money and looked back at the previous weeks, we were amazed.   The thought of doing a “budget” always halted our money conversations at home, but  working with Jessica opened up new ways of understanding money that doesn’t feel like a budget.  It gave me a sense of control and understanding and we actually started changing some of our habits.   It was a POWERFUL experience.


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